from Mukesh Blake, USA

I own a house in Kochi that serves as a vacation home for my family. We come to India every summer and stay till end of summer vacation for the kids. Kids love it. However, the first week of every vacation is clean up time. Even then, the brand new house is aging very rapidly because it is not regularly cared for. That is when I found Letz. As I understand it, it is a company run by a few enterprising college kids but their service has been excellent. They clean it and maintain it. I haven't used their security services because I feel that the neighborhood is pretty safe. Overall, very good service. I highly recommend them.

from Joshy Mathew, UK

I bought a brand new house in a new development as an investment property. Everytime my broker calls to show the house, I have to find someone to clean it. I can't ask my brothers to do it everytime. Letz service saved me a lot of headache. I just give them a call any day I need the house cleaned, it is done. Good job guys!

We clean

Our cleaning crew will clean the inside and outside of your house as frequently as you want. You choose the level of cleaning that you desire and we will take care of it.

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We maintain

Leaky faucet? Broken tree limbs? Who will help you repair the damage before things escalate and more damage is done? We will assist you to take care of the problem.

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We keep it safe

Who will watch over your home 24/7? We provide security services that range from cctv installation to emergency notification to police in emergency situations.

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