Basic Cleaning Package

Basicl Cleaning Package includes dusting of all surfaces from halls to bedrooms, cleaning of bathrooms and maintaining the front yard clean. We suggest our customers. Cleaning once in every week. Cost based on the size of the house. An yearly contract required.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning package includes intense cleaning operations such as steam vacuuming carpets, washing the floors, and cleaning the windows.. We offer this package as additionaal service to our basic cleaning customers and suggest deep cleaning once in two months.

Plant care package

Plant care package includes regular visits to the home by our master gardener to fertlize and prune plants (both indoor and and courtyard plants), as well as plant seasonal flower plants, prune shrubs, remove weeds from the courtyard and sweep the courtyard.

Maintenance Package

Home maintenace package includes repairs by our technician to common problems such as leaky faucets and broken tiles. For major repairs beyond the technical ability of our men, we will contact you and put you in touch with professionals who will perform the repairs at reasonable costs.

Home Monitoring System

We are the authorized dealers of several prestigious home monitoring systems that will keep watch over your house 24/7. If seems too expensive an option, we can install CCT monitors that you can access vis the web from anywhere in the world.

We clean

Our cleaning crew will clean the inside and outside of your house as frequently as you want. You choose the level of cleaning that you desire and we will take care of it.

Cleaning plans

We maintain

Leaky faucet? Broken tree limbs? Who will help you repair the damage before things escalate and more damage is done? We will assist you to take care of the problem.

Maintenance plans

We keep it safe

Who will watch over your home 24/7? We provide security services that range from cctv installation to emergency notification to police in emergency situations.

Security systems